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09/27/19: THURSDAY

Warm Up: 12 minutes

- complete required reps every minute for 12 minutes

- remaining time of minute is recovery

- 1st minute: up/ downs: 16 reps

- 2nd minute: kettle hi pull: 8R/ 8L

- 3rd minute: jump lunge (back foot elevated on bench/ front foot leaves ground): 8R/ 8L

- 4th minute: recovery

Work: 15 minutes: 60 - 70% of max

- complete required reps every minute (15 rounds) OR every 1.5 minutes (10 minutes); depending upon percentage of max being lifted. The heavier you go the more recovery!!!

- remaining time of the chosen is your recovery.

- barbell power OR hang snatch: 2 reps

- alternating (L/R) kettle hard clean: 6 reps

Work: 6 sets/ 6 reps on ALL: 25 minutes

- chest: flat of incline dumbbell press

- back: pull up (add weight if possible)

- shoulder: dumbbell over head press (NEUTRAL GRIP)

- quad: leg extension

- ham: single leg hip bridge (foot elevated on bench): L/R

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