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08/06/18: MONDAY

Warm Up: perform enough reps of the below exercises to get the body fully heated!

Work: Full Body Compound

- Power Clean: 10 sets/ 3 reps

Just be fore warned, you'll perform a full body compound exercise each day this week. Choose your poundage wisely. I'm putting trust in you, the lifter.

Work: lower assistance

- ham curl: 5 sets/ 12 reps

Work: Upper Body: 4 sets/ 10 reps on ALL exercises

- Chest: dumbbell press: flat or incline

- Back: barbell row (underhand grip)

- Shoulders: dumbbell rear delt 

- Triceps: dips

- Biceps: cable curl (wide grip)

- Core: mermaid: L/ R

Work: Fitness: 12 minutes

- perform reps continually for 3 minutes

- 1 minute recovery

Repeat 3X

- wall ball: 6 eps

- double ketttle clean & press: 8 reps

- slam ball: 10 reps

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