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08/03/18: FRIDAY

Warm Up: perform enough reps of the below exercises to get body heated.

Work: 3 sets on ALL

This is the final workout for the week & it should leave you swolled & bloated!!!

Super set each pairing

- Chest: flat OR incline barbell press: 10 reps/ cable OR dumbbell fly: 20 reps

- Back: cable row: 10 reps/ straight arm lat pull down: 20 reps

- Shoulders: dumbbell over head press: L/ R: 10 reps/ cable side raise: L/ R: 20 reps

- Core: ab wheel: 10 reps/ knees to elbows: 20 reps

Work: Fitness: 10 minutes

- perform 20 reps every minute for 10 minutes. Remaining time of minute is recovery. 

- alternate exercises

- kettle double clean

- 2 hand over head swing

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