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Week of 08/20/18:

I feel like the frequency model is still working, so I'm going to run with it for at least one more week. Of course there will be adjustments for the week, so as not to burn you out!

With that said I'm going to present a general format for the  upcoming week, where you the lifter have ultimate freedom!!! Scary I know.

Please follow the percentages carefully as not to over train

MONDAY: 40 - 55 % max (light): 3 sets/ 12 - 15 reps (strength conditioning)

TUESDAY: 55 - 70% max (medium): 4 sets/ 7 - 10 reps (body building)

WEDNESDAY: 70 - 85% of max (heavy): 5 sets/ 3 -6 reps (strength)

THURSDAY: same format as TUESDAY

FRIDAY: same format as MONDAY

You have total freedom of choice when it comes to choosing your exercises. You can repeat some if you like, that's why the percentages are there OR choose new exercises each day for each body part. 

NOTE: "Assistance work" will fall within the light to medium range for the week.

I will lay Monday out for you so you have the visual, but after that it's fill in the blanks, by you.

Warm Up: NOTE: ALL warm ups will be kept to 5 minutes, so choose your exercises accordingly. I will show you Mondays warm up but after that its up to you.

Warm Up: 5 minutes continual

- 2 hand kettle hi pull: 8 reps

- hindu push up: 8 reps

Work: 3 sets/ 12 - 15 reps

- Full body compound: You choose

Work: 3 sets/ 12 - 15 reps

- chest: bench press: flat OR incline/ barbell or dumbbell

- back: if you choose a pull up an assist may be necessary!!!

- shoulder: standing dumbbell over head press

Work: Assistance: 3 - 5 sets/ 15- 20 reps

- hamstring

- quad

- shoulder: no pressing

- chest

- triceps

- biceps

- ab

NOTE: you do NOT have to perform ALL the above assistance work. Your available time OR soreness will dictate that.


08/20/18: MONDAY: 12 minutes

- 3 minutes continual/ 1 minute recovery

- up/ downs: 4 reps

- double kettle clean: 6 reps

- slam ball: 8 reps

- repeat the above 3X

08/22/18: WEDNESDAY: 15 - 20 minutes

Tabata: 3 - 4 blocks

- cardio piece of choice

08/24/18: FRIDAY: 12 - 16 minutes

- complete 20 reps every minute. Remaining time of minute is recovery.

- 3 exercises: 3 minutes

- 1 minute recovery

- total 4 minutes

- repeat 3 - 4X

- 1st minute: kettle over head swing

- 2nd minute: wall ball

- 3rd minute: push up w/ release at bottom of hands & feet

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