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07/26/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up: perform enough reps of each exercise to get he body heated for work poundage.

Work: 40 - 50% of max. You will need to go light in this work out, with the reps at 15 plus super setting you will get swolled fast!!!

3 sets/ 15 reps on ALL

- Chest: incline barbell press & fly (you decide)

- Back: cable close grip lat pull down & standing straight arm lat pull down

- Shoulders: seated dumbbell over head press & lateral (side) raise

- Triceps: cable triceps push down & dumbbell kick backs

- Biceps: cable reverse curl & dumbbell hammer curl

- Core: ab wheel & mermaids: L/ R

Work: Cardio: 10 - 15 minutes

- cardio piece of choice

- 30 seconds work

- 30 seconds recovery

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