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07/27/18: FRIDAY

Warm Up: perform enough reps of the below to get body heated.

Work: Choose 2 exercises from the list on Mondays work out.

- Keep the work/ recovery cycle on the minute if you can.

- Option 1: same exercises as Wednesday. 10% more weight: 10 sets/ 1 rep

- Option 2: same exercises as Wednesday. Same weight as Wednesday: 3 sets/ 6 reps

- Option 3: choose 2 DIFFERENT exercises. 50% of max: 10 sets/ 3 reps

Work: Assistance: 2 sets/ 20 reps

- lunge: L/ R (back foot elevated body weight)

- physio ball ham curl

Work: Fitness: 5 minutes

- slam ball: 20 reps

- complete reps every minute for 5  minutes. Remaining time of minute is recovery



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