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07/24/18: TUESDAY

Warm Up: perform reps of ALL exercises below work poundage to get body heated.

Work: 65- 75% of max: With the reps only at 5 per set & the percentage of weight being medium, you should NOT be forcing or struggling with any of these reps.

- 5 sets/ 5 reps on all

- Chest: barbell flat/ dumbbell incline

- Back: cable row (wide grip)/ dumbbell row

- Shoulders: standing cable over head press: L/ R/ dumbbell rear delt raise

- Triceps: dips/ dumbbell french press

- Biceps: barbell curl/ seated alternating curl

- Core: roll up; L/ R (hold weight)/ toes to bar 

Work: Tabata

cardio piece of choice

- 2 -3 blocks depending upon time

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