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This will be week 3 of frequency. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday will be slightly different than the previous 2 however. They will consist of only 2 compound movements with 1 or 2 assistance exercise. Volume will come through number or sets, not reps per set. Tuesday & Thursday will be a full upper body & core.

Fitness & kettlebell will still be present, so don't worry!!!

You will choose 2 of the following exercises for the Mon, Wed, & Fri workouts. You can repeat the exercises if you choose or perform different exercises throughout the week, your choice.

dead lift (sumo or close stance), squat (sumo or close stance), good mornings, power or hang clean, power or hang snatch, power or hang clean to over head press or split jerk.

07/23/18: MONDAY

Warm Up: perform enough reps below work weight to get body mobile & warm

Work: Choose 2 compound movements from the above list

50% of max

10 sets/ 3 reps of each exercise

If you want, keep each set to 1 minute of work & recovery (20 minutes total work)

Work: Assistance: 4 sets/ 10 reps of each

- single leg hip bridge: L/ R

- leg extension

Work: Fitness: perform reps every minute for 10 minutes. Remaining time of minute is recovery. 

- wall ball: 8 reps

- kettle over head swing: 8 reps

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