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07/30/18: MONDAY

This week will look a lot like last but with a little twist. With that said, this is the fourth week of frequency, so there needs to be a little deviation each week to keep the mind & body fresh!

Upper body will be featured 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) & Lower body & core 2 days (Tuesday & Thursday)

As usual Fitness will rear its painful but pleasurable head on all 5 days.

07/30/18: MONDAY

Warm Up: perform enough reps of the below exercises to get your body heated. 5 - 10 minutes should suffice.

Work: 5 sets on ALL exercises.

Reps will vary. First exercise of each body part will be "heavy" & low rep (3 reps), while the second will be "light" and higher rep (15 reps).

Super set each pairing

Chest: barbell press of choice (heavy)/ dumbbell or machine press of choice (light)

Back: dumbbell row/ wide grip lat pull down

Shoulder: barbell over head press (front OR behind neck) / cable rear delt: L/ R

Work: Fitness: 10 - 20 minutes: depending upon time & how you feel

- 1/4 mile run OR 400 meter row

- 2 hand kettle over head swing: 20 reps (keep light)

- double kettle clean & push press: 15 reps (keep light)

- kettle circle clean: 10R/ 10L


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