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07/20/18: FRIDAY

Warm Up:

Remember, this is probably your 5th lift of the week, choose your poundage wisely!!!

perform enough reps of each exercise to get body heated.

Work: 4 sets/ 15 reps

- quad/ hip: bench step over: L/ R

- hamstring/ low back: cable pull thrus

- chest: dumbbell press: flat OR inclne

- back: row: seated cable or standing cable

- shoulders: neutral grip over head dumbbell press

- triceps: dumbbell skull crusher

- biceps/ forearms: cable reverse curl

Work: Fitness: 12 minutes

- work: 30 seconds continual for each of the 3 exercises

- 1.5 minutes of total continual work

- recovery: 1 minutes

- repeat the above 5X

- slam ball

- kettle double hard clean

- sit up






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