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FRIDAY: 03/09/18

Warm Up: Repeat 5X

- kettle halo: 12R/ 12L

- roll up: 10R/ 10L

- up/ down: 8 reps

Work: Shoulders/ Back: 2 sets/ 12 - 15 reps on all

- use cable or dumbbells

- front delt raise

- lateral (side) raise: L/ R

- rear delt: L/ R

- dumbbell lat pull over

Work: Arms: 3 sets/ 20 reps

- triceps: floor press: dumbbells w/ pause neutral grip

- biceps: seated dumbbell curl

- forearm: reverse barbell curl

Work: Arms: Drop sets (this is meant to hurt, in a good way!)

- start at 15 reps/ add weight: 10 reps/ add weight 5 reps

- complete 1 exercise move to next: Repeat 2 or 3X  depending on desired PUMP.

- triceps: cable push down

- biceps: dumbbell hammer curl OR cable curl

- forearm: barbell curl

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