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MONDAY: 03/05/18

Warm Up: 20 minutes

- run: 1/10 mile OR row: 150 meters

- kettle snatch: 8R/ 8L

- kettle goblet squat: 8 reps

- 2 hand over head swing: 8 reps: use same weight as goblet squat

Work: Pull

- dead lift: 5 sets/ 8 reps: keep weight light. No more than 60% of max

Work: Push

- barbell over head press: front or behind: 5 sets/ 8 reps: no more than 60% of max

Work: Assistance

- cable rear delt: l/ R: 3 sets/ 15 reps

- rope: external rotation: 100 reps

- rope: internal rotation: 50 reps


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