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FRIDAY: 03/02/18

Warm Up: 12 minutes continual

- mountain climbers: 40 reps

- body weight squat: 30 reps

- push up: 20 reps:

- ab: roll up: 10R/ 10L

Work: Arms: 2 sets/ 30 reps

- triceps: cable pushdowns

- biceps: cable curl

- forearms: cable reverse curl

Work: Arms: 3 sets/ 20 reps

- triceps: incline dumbbell skull crusher

- biceps: dumbbell concentration curl: L/ R

- forearms: dumbbell reverse wrist curl

Work: Arms: 4 sets/ 10 reps

- triceps: trx suspension press

- biceps: barbell curl

- forearms: barbell wrist curl

- make no mistake about it, this IS the GUN SHOW

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