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FRIDAY: 03/30/18

Warm Up: 16 minutes

- Your choice of cardio

- incline or resistance: 5.0 OR higher

- 20 seconds work/ 40 seconds recovery

Work: Upper: 3 sets on all

- Chest/ tris: dips: 5 reps

- Back: dumbbell row: 10 reps

- Shoulder: cable rear delt: 15 reps

Work: Arms: 4 sets/ 12 reps on all

- Triceps: dumbbell skull crusher (lay on floor/ touch dumbbells to floor each rep)

- Biceps: seated dumbbellconcentration curl: L/ R 

- Forearms: cable reverse wrist curl (super light weight)

Work: 4 sets/ 6 reps on all

- Triceps: cable french press (super strict form/ slow pace)

- Biceps: machine preacher curl or preacher bench

- Forearms: barbell wrist curl

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