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WEDNESDAY: 02/21/18

Warm Up: 12 minutes continual

increase weight as warm up progresses and body gets heated.

- kettle snatch

- kettle press

perform 1 rep of each on right side, repeat on left.

perform 2 reps of each exercise R/ L. 3R/ 3L, 4R/ 4L, 5R/ 5L

- repeat rep count starting with 5 reps and work backwards to 1 rep.

Work: 20 minutes

- 1st minute: kettle 2 hand over head swing: 20 reps

- 2nd minute: slam ball: 20 reps

- 3rd minute: push up: 20 reps

- 4th minute: double kettle clean: 20 reps

- 5th minute: minute recovery

- repeat the above format 4X = 20 minutes:

- remaining time of EACH minute is recovery.

Work: 15 - 20 minutes

- cardio piece of choice

- work: 1/10 mile or 150 meters

- recovery: 2/10 mile or 300 meters

- doubling the recovery should allow for fast work speeds.




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