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TUESDAY: 02/20/18

Warm Up: 8 minutes

- kettle halo: 8R/ 8L

- kettle O.H. triceps press: 8 Reps

- sit up: 8 reps


Assistance Tuesday: All the smaller muscle groups that helped with yesterdays compound movements.

- Lower: 5 sets/ 10 reps

- lunge: back foot elevated: hold slam ball over head

- single leg RDL: hold weight

- Upper: 

- shoulders: lateral raise (side): 4 sets/ 10 reps

- back: dumbbell row: 7 sets/ 10 reps

- chest: incline dumbbell press: 6 sets/ 10 reps

- ab: knees to elbows: 5 sets/ 15 reps



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