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TUESDAY 01/30/18

TUESDAY: 01/30/18

Warm Up: 8 minutes

Complete required reps of each exercise every minute: remaining time of minute is recovery.

- push up: 8 reps

- kettle snatch: 4R/4L

Work: Chest: 5 minutes

Barbell press: flat or incline: same weight as last week: 8 reps

Complete 8 reps every minute for 5 minutes: Remaining time of minute is recovery.

Work: Chest

Drop weight 10 - 15% from previous exercise.

perform 1 set of as many reps as possible. Rest 2 minutes: repeat: 1 more set.

Work: Assistance: 3 sets / 20 reps

- cable or dumbbell fly

- cable or dumbell rear delt raise: L/ R

- trx triceps suspension press



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