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Monday: 01/22/18

MONDAY: 01/22/18

Warm Up: 8 minutes continual

- run: 1/10 mile OR row/ ski erg: 150 meters

- kettle hi pull: 5R/ 5L


15 minutes: 10 rounds: 1.5 minutes each. Complete required reps every 1.5 minutes. Remaining time of that 1.5 minutes is recovery.

Deadlift/ body weight squat/ kettle 2 hand swing

Option 1: same poundage on deads & swing as last week: increase reps on all 3 exercises by 1 rep: 6/8/10 reps respectively.

Option 2: increase poundage on deads & swing from last week: decrease reps on all exercises by 1 rep: 4/6/8 reps respectively.


5 minutes: 10 rounds: perform requird reps every 30 seconds. Remaining time of 30 seconds is recovery.

Barbell Power Clean

option 1: decrease poundage from last week: add 1 rep: 4 reps

option 2: increase poundage from last week: decrease by 1 rep: 2 reps




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