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FRIDAY: 01/18/18

Warm Up: 5X or 15 minutes

- 20 reps on all

- wall ball: Use 12" box for depth check

- 2 hand kettle swing: face level

- push up (pause at bottom: reps 16 - 20)

Work: Triceps/ Forearms: 3 sets of each pairing

- dips/ barbell wrist curl: 8 reps: med -  heavy weight

- incline dumbbell skull crusher/ dumbbell hammer curl: 12 reps: med weight

Work: Triceps/ Biceps/ Abs: 3 sets of each pairing

- cable push down/ cable curl (wide grip)/ knees to elbows: 15 reps of each

-dumbbell kickbacks/ dumbbell concentration curl: R/ L/ physio ball ab crunch: 20 reps of each

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