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09/20/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up: 5X (15 minutes max)

- kettle kick thrus: 6 reps

- 20” box step up: perform all reps on one side then switch/ do NOT touch box at top: 8R/ 8L

- roll up w/ leg pass: 6R/ 6L

- knees to elbows: 8 reps

Work: 8 sets/ 3 reps on ALL (70 -80% of max)

- Poundage will ultimately be determined by how you feel at the moment in time when you’re doing the exercise. The %’s are just a guideline!

- circuit, perform individually, or perform 2 exercises together: your choice.

- dumbbell OR kettle snatch: R/L

- dead lift

- over head barbell press (front OR behind neck)

Work: Fitness: 9 minutes

- perform reps continually for 2 minutes.

- 1 minute recovery

  • get up: 1R/ 1L

  • slam ball: 4 reps

  • 2 hand kettle hi pull: 6 reps: W: 35 lbs M: 53 lbs

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