High Altitude Fitness

Where the locals train

High performance fitness, training and gym for Ketchum, Sun Valley, the Wood River Valley and beyond. Where the locals train.


Warm up/  Work: 15 minutes

1st 5 minutes: get to work poundage

Complete required reps every minute for 10 minutes. Remaining time of minute is recovery.

- kettle hi pull: 6R/ 6L

- kettle 2 hand swing: 6 reps

Work: 30 minutes

- super set each pairing.

- 8 reps on ALL exercises.

- 7.5 minutes on each pairing or circuit all exercises.

- lunge & hip extension OR ham glut raise

- core: cable column twist: L/ R &  ab wheel

- dumbbell chest press & barbell bent row

- cable front delt raise & incline dumbbell rear  delt raise

Work: Fitness: 10 minutes

- 10 seconds: 7.0 incline treadmill sprints: treadmill OFF

- double kettle clean: 15 reps

- 40 seconds recovery

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