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08/15/18: WEDNESDAY

Warm Up: 5 sets of each

- 2 hand kettle over head swings: 10 reps

- dumbbell snatch: 3R/ 3L (each rep from floor)

Work: Lower Body: 5 sets on ALL

- single leg squat: 5R/ 5L

- single leg RDL: 5R/ 5L

- leg extension: 10 reps

- ham curl: 10 reps

Work: Upper Body: 5 sets on All

- chest: incline of flat barbell press: 5 reps (chose the exercise you didn't do Monday)

- back: cable row: 10 reps

Work: Fitness: 20 minutes

- complete required reps plus cardio within 4 minutes. Your remaining time of the 4 minutes is recovery.

- pull up: 6 reps

- push up: 9 reps (release hands and feet at bottom)

- body weight squat: 12 reps

- cardio: 1/4 mile run, OR row: 400 meters, OR 1/2 mile bike

- Repeat the above 5X


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