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08/01/18: WEDNESDAY

Warm Up: 5 reps on all/ 5 minutes

- clubbell pullover: L/ R

- clubbell halo: L/ R

- clubbell over head triceps press: L/ R

Work: This will feature shoulders and arms. Chest & back will make their appearance in the Fitness portion of today's work out.

5 sets on ALL: super set each pairing

6 reps will be your "heavy" strength exercise & 12 reps will be your "light" volume exercise.

- Shoulders: barbell upright row/ dumbbell "V" front raise

- Triceps: dips/ cable push down

- Biceps: barbell curl/ seated dumbbell hammer curl

- Forearms: barbell wrist curl/ cable reverse curl

Work: Fitness: 10 minutes

Complete required reps every 2 minutes. Remaining time of 2 minutes is recovery.

Repeat the below 5X

- pull up: 10 reps

- push up: 20 reps

- jump lunge: 15R/ 15L OR body weight squat: 30 reps


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