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07/11/18: WEDNESDAY

The next 3 weeks (Monday 07/09/18 - Friday 07/27/18) will see a totally different approach to our training. We are going back to frequency, we've done this before but not for a long while. 

Frequency will see each body part worked almost every workout. This means poundage will be lighter than normal (no more than 60% of max for the first week). One or two compound movements will be featured in each workout. This will help keep the number of exercises to a reasonable number each workout.

Fitness, kettlebell, & cardio will also make their appearances.

Warm Up:

- perform enough reps of all exercises to get the body heated.

Work: 4 sets/ 6 reps on ALL, except abs

- quad/ hamstring/low & upper back: power clean

- hamstring: hip extension

- chest: dumbbell flat or incline bench

- back (lats): straight arm lat pull down

- shoulders: dumbbell rear delt raise

- abs: ab wheel: 4 sets/ 20 reps

- arms: day off

Work: Fitness: 10 - 15 minutes

- tabata: cardio piece of choice

- 20 seconds work/ 10 seconds recovery

- repeat 8X = 4 minutes

- 1 minute recovery

- repeat above 2 or 3X

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