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FRIDAY: 06/22/18

Warm Up: 5 minutes continual

- supermans: 10R/ 10L

- 2 hand kettle swing (light lbs): 8 reps

- leg extension: 8R/ 8L


- choose one of the following: dead lift, squat (front or back), power clean, clean to front squat, good mornings, barbell snatch (hang or power)

Option 1: same lbs as last week: add 3 reps per set: 5 sets/ 13 reps every 2 minutes. Remaining time of 2 minutes is recovery.

Option 2: same lbs as last week: same rep count: 5 sets/ 10 reps every 1.5 minutes. Remaining time of 1.5 minutes is recovery

Option 3: increase lbs by approx. 20%: 5 sets/ 5 reps every 2 minutes. Remaining time of 2 minutes is recovery

Work: choose 1 of the above exercises. 

- light - medium poundage

- 10 sets/ 3 reps

Work: Assistance: 4 sets/ 8 reps

- single leg squat (12 - 16" box): hold weight

- single leg hip bridge: 

Work: Ab

- knees to elbows: 60 total reps

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