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05/31/18: THURSDAY

- Warm Up: Repeat 5X

- run: 2/10 mile OR row: 300 meters

- 2 hand kettle hi pull: 20 reps

Work: Repeat 5X

- double kettle clean: 10 reps

- step ups: 5R/ 5L: hold 2 kettle bells in rack position. Keep foot on step for all 5 reps then change sides

- ab wheel: 10 reps

 Work: cardio piece of choice

- 1 mile OR 1600 meter

Work: 5X

- double kettle squat press (thruster): 10 reps

- double kettle swing: 20 swings

- double kettle farmers carry: 100 steps

Work: cardio piece of choice

- 1 mile OR 1600 meters

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