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05/21/18: MONDAY

- NOTE: This as an ALL body weight exercise work out.

- No external weight will be added. 

Warm Up: Repeat 5X

- roll up: 5R/ 5L

- superman or woman: alternate L/ R: 10 total reps

Work: Repeat 3X

- get up: 3R/ 3L

- up/ down: 6 reps

- leg pass w/ toe touch: alternate: 12 total reps

Work: Repeat 3X

- single leg squat: 8R/ 8L

- single leg RDL: 8R/ 8L

- dips

Work: Repeat 3X

- body weight squat: 30 reps

- push up (close grip): 20 reps

- pull up: 10 reps

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