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12/08/18: MONDAY

Day 1: YEAR #8

Warm Up/ Fitness: 15 minutes

work: 2 minutes continual/ recovery: 1 minute: repeat 5X

double kettle clean: 5 reps

push up: 7 reps

2 hand kettle swing (face level): 9 reps

Work: 15 minutes: Barbell Thruster: (front OR behind)

use first 5 minutes to get to work weight. complete required rep every minute for 10 minutes. remaining time of minute is recovery.

Option #1: same weight as last week: 7 reps

Option #2: increase weight 10 - 15% from last week: 3 reps

Work: Lower Assistance: 3 sets/ 12 reps on both

ham: single leg RDL: add weight: R/L

Quad: single leg press: (your choice of machine): R/L

Work: Upper Assistance: 4 sets on ALL

back: barbell bent row: 5 reps (heavy weight)

shoulder: front delt cable raise: 10 reps (medium weight): R/L

shoulder: incline rear delt raise: 15 reps (light weight)

ab: sit up (hands touch floor over head & and at feet): 20 reps

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