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11/05/18: MONDAY

Warm Up: 12 minutes

3 minutes continual work

1 minute recovery

repeat 3X

double kettles on ALL 3 exercise

clean, hi pull, & front squat (bells in rack)

1st block: 3 reps on all, 2nd block: 4 reps, 3rd block: 5 reps

Work: Power Clean: 10 minutes: (doesn’t include warm up time)

50% of max: 6 reps per minute: 60 total reps

complete reps every minute for 10 minutes

remaining time of minute is recovery

Work: Lower Assistance: 70% of max

4 sets/ 8 reps

1 quad: use machine

1 ham: use body weight

Work: Upper Assistance: 50% of max

4 sets/ 12 reps

1 chest: dumbbell

1 back: cable

1 shoulder: barbell

1 core: whatever

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