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11/02/18: FRIDAY

Warm Up: 10 minutes

hips/ low back/ core

varying the exercise from Wednesday

12 reps per exercise

Work: 20 minutes

complete required reps every minute for 20 minutes.

remaining time of minute is recovery

Option 1: 4 reps on all

pull up, kettle hi pull: L/ R, box jump

Option 2:

pull up: 4 reps

kettle swing: 6 reps W: 25 - 30 lbs M: 44 - 53 lbs

jump lunge: 8 reps

Option 3:

perform 10 minutes of each above block

Work: Assistance

4 sets/ 20 reps on all

super set each body part

2 triceps

2 biceps

2 forearms

2 core

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