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07/05/18: THURSDAY

Shoulder/ Arms

Warm Up: 3 sets/ 20 reps on ALL (band)

- pull thrus

- rear delt

- over head press

Work: 5 sets/ 5 reps on ALL (cable)

- shoulders: cable upright row

- triceps: cable french press

- biceps: single cable curl: R/ L

Work: 4 sets/ 10 reps on ALL (barbell)

- shoulders: barbell over head press (behind OR front)

- triceps: dips

- biceps: barbell curl

Work: 3 sets/ 15 reps on ALL (dumbbell)

- shoulders: incline dumbbell rear delt raise

- triceps: flat or incline dumbbell skull crusher

- biceps: dumbbell hammer curl

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