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07/13/18: FRIDAY

Warm Up: 

- perform enough reps of all exercises to get body heated

Work: 3 sets/ 20 reps on ALL

- quad/ hip: bench step overs: 10R/ 10L

- hamstring/ low back: cable pull thrus

- chest: dumbbell press: which ever one you didn't do on Wednesday do today

- back: cable OR hammer row

- shoulders: machine over head press: hammer OR cable

- triceps: trx suspension triceps press

- forearms: barbell wrist curl

Work: Fitness: 12 minutes

perform reps continually for 1 minute.

- minute 1: slam ball

- minute 2: kettle over head swing

- minute 3: recovery

- minute 4: wall ball

- minute 5: kettle alternating hard clean

- minute 6: recovery

- repeat the above 2X


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