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12/06/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up: 10 minutes: 5 rounds


step up (20” OR 24”) box: 5L/ 5R

lateral lunge: 5R/ 5L

sit up: 15 reps

kneeling hip rotations (internal/ external): 5R/ 5L

Work: 3 sets/ 20 reps on both

Ham: physio ball ham curl

Quad: leg extension

Work: Chest/ Triceps: 4 sets on ALL

Super set #1’s & #2’s

#1: Chest: incline dumbbell press: 10 reps

#1 Triceps: dumbbell OR cable kick backs: 15 reps

#2 Chest: cable OR dumbbell fly: 15 reps

#2 Triceps: cable push downs: 20 reps

Work: Core: 3 sets on BOTH

mermaids: 12R/ 12L

knees to elbows: 25 reps

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