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12/31/18: MONDAY

(literally, the last work out of the year)

Warm Up/ Mobility/ Fitness: 10 minutes OR 5X: 5 reps on ALL

roll up w/ leg pass: R/ L

hindu push up

20” OR 24” box step up: R/ L (complete all reps on one side/ DO NOT touch toe at top/ DO NOT bounce at bottom)

Work: 15 minutes: use first 3 minutes to get to work weight

Power Clean & Box Jump: every minute on the minute

Block #1: minute: 1, 2, & 3: power clean: 6 reps/ box jump: 2 reps

minute 4: recovery

Block #2: power clean: 4 reps/ box jump: 4 reps

Block #3: power clean: 2 reps/ box jumps: 6 reps

Work: 12 minutes: first 2 minutes to get to work weight

complete reps every minute for 10 minutes: 10 rounds

dumbbell OR kettle push press OR jerk press: 3R/ 3L

dumbbell OR kettle row: 3R/ 3L

up/ downs: 3 reps

Work: Core: 8 minutes: 4 reps on each

reps every minute on the minute

ab wheel/ mermaid: R/ L/ sit up

Work: Roll & Stretch: Freakn DO IT!!!

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