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12/27/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up/ Mobility: 7 minutes

Get Up: 1R/ 1L, 2R/ 2L, 3R/ 3L

perform continually for 7 minutes with OR without weight

Work: 12 minutes: use first 2 minutes to get to work weight:

This is all about ROM (range of motion))

complete required reps, 10 every minute for 10 minutes

Barbell, Trap bar, or Kettle suit case Dead lift: Use riser: 2 - 4”

Super light weight 30 - 40% of max

Work: 10 minutes: 5 sets minimum

kettle kick thrus: 10 reps

lunge: back foot elevated: 7R/ 7L

Work: Upper Assistance: 3 sets

shoulder/ core: kettle circle clean: 8R/ 8L

triceps chest: dips: body weight OR bench: 10 reps

back/ biceps: lat pull down (under hand grip): 12 reps

core: obliques: wind shield wipers: 14 reps

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