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12/24/18: MONDAY

Warm Up/ Fitness: 10 minutes continual

1st min continual: push up/ 2 hand kettle swing: 5 reps each

2nd minute continual: kettle clean/ lunge (step back); 3R/ 3L on each

alternate the 2 minutes: repeat the above 5X

Work: 5 minutes: 30 - 40% of max. I really mean it!!! This will be super light but effective, it will act almost like an extended warm up:

Barbell Thruster (front OR behind): 10 reps

complete required reps every minute for 5 minutes: 50 total reps

Work: 10 minutes: 60% of max

Barbell Squat (front OR behind): 5 reps

complete required reps every minute for 10 minutes: 50 total reps

Work: 4 sets on ALL

chest: incline barbell OR dumbbell: 8 reps

back: kneeling straight arm lat pull down: 8 reps

chest: cable of dumbbell fly: 12 reps

back: dumbbell lat pull over: 12 reps

core: band good morning/ roll up & over (try to touch toes to floor) 10 reps each

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