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12/20/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up: 10 minutes continual OR 5X

trx lateral lunge: 5R/ 5L

trx sumo squat to rear delt: 5 reps

kneeling hip rotations: internal/ external/ lateral: 5 reps on ALL: L/ R

club bell halo & rotation: 5 reps on ALL: L/ R

Work: 15 minutes: first 3 minutes to get to work weight

Barbell Snatch: super light (40 - 50% of max)

1st min: 4 reps

2nd min: 5 reps

3rd min: 6 reps

4th min: recovery: use this time to adjust weight if needed

repeat the above 3X

Work: 10 minutes: first 5 minutes to get to work weight

Barbell Squat (front OR back: your preference)

complete required reps every minute for 5 minutes. remaining time of minute is recovery.

option #1: 10 reps (light weight: 40% of max)

option #2: 5 reps (medium weight: 55% of max)

Work: Upper Assistance: 3 sets on ALL

back: seated cable row (wide grip): 8 reps

shoulder: cable rear delt: 12R/ 12L

ab: kness to elbows: 16 reps

ab: roll up w/ weight: 10R/ 10L

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