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12/13/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up/ Fitness: 20 minutes

minutes 1, 2, & 3 will ALL be continual work. Minute 4 will be recovery

1st min: double kettle hard clean: 1 rep/ to double kettle front squat: 3 reps

2nd min: super plank: 5 reps/ to walk out w/ push up: 5 reps

3rd min: 2 hand kettle swing: 5 reps/ 2 hand kettle hi pull: 5 reps

4th min: recovery

repeat the above: 5X

Work: Upper: Chest: 5 sets on each

dumbbell flat OR incline press: 8 reps

cable OR dumbbell fly: 15 reps

Work: Upper Assistance: 3 sets on ALL

back: body weight row (feet elevated): 8 reps

shoulders: barbell push press (use legs/ front of behind): 12 reps

core/ shoulders/ triceps: kettle kick thrus: 16 reps

triceps: push downs (use resistance band: 20 reps

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