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11/27/18: Tuesday

Warm Up/ Fitness: 20 minutes

3 minutes continual work

1 minute recovery

repeat 5X

20” box jump: 4 reps

slam ball: 6 reps

double kettle clean: 8 reps

Work: Back

super set like set counts

pull up (add weight): 2 reps/ 5 sets

dumbbell row: L/ R: 4 reps/ 5 sets

wide grip lat pull down: 12 reps/ 3 sets

cable OR hammer row: 15 reps: 3 sets

dumbbell shrugs: 18 reps/ 3 sets

Work: Core: abs & low back

4 sets on ALL

ab wheel: 15 reps

thoracic spine twist (hands & knees): 10L/ 10R

physio ab crunch: 30 reps

bird dogs: 10R/ 10L

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