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11/29/18: THURSDAY

Warm Up: 21 minutes

repeat 7X

work: 2 minutes continual

recovery: 1 minute

wall ball: 6 reps

kettle 2 hand hi pull: 8 reps

jump lunge: 10 reps (5R/ 5L)

Work: Lower Assistance

4 sets on both

single leg RDL: 4R/ 4L (add weight)

ham curl: 8 reps

Work: Shoulders

3 sets on all: 50% of max OR LESS on ALL

single standing cable neutral grip over head press: 12R/ 12L reps

dumbbell lateral (side raise): 16 reps

dumbbell rear delt raise: 20 reps

Work: Core: Abs/ low back

4 sets on ALL

knees to elbows: 20 reps

supermans: 12R/ 12L

roll up (add weight): 12R/ 12L

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