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11/22/18: THURSDAY

Happy Thanksgiving: before you get fat, this class is where it’s at!!!

Warm Up: 20 minutes: Warm Up/ Fitness

2 minutes to complete the below: 10 rounds

treadmill: OFF: incline: 2.0: 10 seconds sprint: start sprint at about 60% of max. increase speed after a few rounds.

kettle 2 hand swing (face level); 20 reps

push up: 20 reps (change hand position every few rounds)

remaining time of 2 minutes is recovery

Work: Lower Assistance

4 sets/ 10 reps on BOTH

quad: trx pistol squat: R/ L

ham: ham curl machine of choice

Work: Upper Assistance

4 sets/ 12 reps on ALL

chest: press of choice: different from Tuesday

back: seated cable row

shoulders: low cable rear delt raise: R/ L

Work: Core: abs/ low back/ recovery

3 sets/ 20 reps on all

mermaids: R/ L

band good mornings (super light tension)

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