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10/05/18: FRIDAY

Warm Up: 10 minutes

- cardio piece of your choice

- 30 seconds work

- 30 seconds recovery

- increase speed as you heat up

Work: 15 minutes

- sit up: 20 reps

- double (2 bells) kettle hi pull: 15 reps

- hip bridge/ single leg (feet on bench): 10R/ 10L

- get up: 5R/ 5L

Work: 4 sets on ALL

- 8 reps on 1st exercise/ 16 reps on 2nd exercise of each body part

- triceps: trx suspension press/ dumbbell or cable kick backs

- biceps: barbell curl/ seated cable concentration curl

- forearms: reverse barbell OR cable curl/ dumbbell wrist curl

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