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10/31/18: WEDNESDAY

Warm Up: 10 minutes

8 reps on all: these are just suggestions.

hips: rotations: internal, external, lateral (use versa loop}

low back: supermans, hip extension, OR band good mornings

core: knees to elbows

Work: 10 minutes: Fitness

perform required reps every 15 seconds.

remaining time of 15 seconds is “recovery”

1st 15 sec: kettle snatch: 5R reps OR kettle hi pull: 6R reps

2nd 15 sec: up downs: 4 reps

3rd 15 sec: kettle snatch: 5L reps OR kettle hi pull: 6L reps

4th 15 sec: up downs: 4 reps

Work: 10 minutes: Strength/ Fitness

double kettle HARD CLEAN to over head press

3 - 5 reps every minute for 10 minutes: 70% of max

remaining time of minute is recovery

Work: 15 - 20 minutes: Assistance

5 sets/ 8 reps on ALL

2 triceps

2 biceps

2 core: roll up w/ lbs & mermaids

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