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WEDNESDAY 01/17/18:


Warm up: 7 minutes: continual

- up/ downs: 5 reps

- get ups: 2R/ 2L

- supermans: 5R/ 5L

Work: Back:/ Biceps: 4 sets/ 8 reps of each exercise (med/ heavy weight)

- seated dumbbell bent row

- barbell curl

Work: Back/ Biceps: 4 sets/ 12 reps of each exercise (med weight)

- lat pull down (med width grip/ neutral grip)

- seated dumbbell curl

Work: Back/ Forearms/ Traps: 3 sets/ 20 reps of each exercise (light weight)

- kneeling straight arm lat pull down (wide grip)

- cable reverse curl

- dumbbell shrug

Work: Abs: 3 sets/ 20 reps

- ab wheel

Work: Abs: 3 sets/ 10 reps

- roll up: 10R/ 10L

TUESDAY 01/16/2018:

Warm up: Repeat 5X

- push up w/ pause at bottom: 10 reps

- kettle circle clean: 5R/ 5L

Work: Barbell Chest press: 

- flat or incline. Use same weight as last week. 

- complete 6 reps every minute for 10 minutes. Remaining time of minute is recovery.

Work: 4 sets/ 12 reps of each exercise. 

- incline dumbbell chest press

- cable rear delt raise: R/ L

- tricep push down (underhand grip): R/ L

MONDAY 01/15/2018:

Warm up: 10 minutes continuous

- 150 row/ ski erg OR 1/10 run

- kettle double clean: 10 reps

Work: 15 minutes: 10 rounds: perform required reps every 1.5 minutes. Remaining time of 1.5 is recovery.

- deadlift: 5 reps: Use approximately 60% of last weeks poundage

- body weight squat: 7 reps

- 2 hand kettle swing (face level): 9 reps

Work: 7.5 minutes: 15 rounds: perform required reps every 30 seconds. Remaining time of 30 seconds n recovery. 

- barbell power clean: 3 reps


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