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High performance fitness, training and gym for Ketchum, Sun Valley, the Wood River Valley and beyond. Where the locals train.

Whether you are a top athlete in town to train on off season, a lifter pushing for a personal goal, a tri-athlete building endurance for the next race or looking for a knowledgeable trainer to guide you in endless ways to keep you on track, High Altitude Fitness is

THE gym where you need to be!

We asked our clients three questions:

What are a few of your favorite lifts and or exercises you like to do at H.A.F.?

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far while training at H.A.F.?

Why H.A.F.?

 Shane Carden

"H.A.F. has the tools to work on being more explosive. For example, the box jump and using the Rage Balls. So far, my greatest accomplishment in my athletic career is breaking East Carolina's, David Garrard's passing record."

Why H.A.F.: "Because it's the best grungy gym I have ever been to."

Dylan Prescott

“Favorite Exercises? The basic strength lifts: Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press.  For me some of the simplest exercises are the most satisfactory because you can easily see and track your progress, set goals, and reach them.  I also really enjoy Olympic Lifts such as the Clean and Jerk and Snatch.

 "Greatest accomplishment?  My proudest moment came far outside of the gym; it was when I was on my expedition in the Yukon Territory and I realized all my training and work had paid off.  I could hike and climb and enjoy the experience of being in that amazing place and not worry about whether I could physically do it."

Why H.A.F.?: "I like that it is just a classic no frills gym where people come to train and work hard to better themselves.  I also love the people there and feel that the best trainers in the valley are found at H.A.F."


Ned Burns

"There is no other gym locally that has numerous squat racks with bumper weights for me to practice power cleans and deadlifts.

"My body weight as gone from 210lbs to 170lbs."

Why H.A.F.: "Because the other gyms won't let you snatch."

Trevor Thomas

"What can I say, I agree with Ned, power cleans and deadlifts. My biggest accomplishment since training with Kevin, is becoming more lean as well as bulking up."

Why H.A.F.: "Because its where the locals train and the staff treats you like family"

Alex Jackson

"H.A.F. has Kevin Mora as the owner and is my personal trainer…enough said!  I would say my ultimate favorite is doing split-jerks and deadlifts. I am proud to have deadlifted 250lbs!”

Why H.A.F.: "Because it's a legit gym and I know that when I am there no time or money is wasted."

Brooks Patrick

"I can’t choose just one lift I like the best! Bench, deadlifts and squats. So far, my max bench is 425lbs, max deadlift is 520lbs and squat is 505lbs.”

Why H.A.F.: "Three reasons: 1. Sweat, 2. Chalk and 3. Iron, this is a no BS gym.!"

Don Morrison

" Great, affordable gym. Everything you need for fitness is onsite. You really could not ask for more in a facility the size of High Altitude."

Why H.A.F.: "The owners and staff are friendly and helpful" 

"I wanted to let you know that High Altitude fitness is probably my favorite gym I have ever been to! I live in Boise and train clients here, but also travel to Hollywood and work with entertainers preparing them for roles, UFC fighters, pro boxers, etc. Still, your gym is my absolute favorite! "~Doug Brown

"I have been to 20 gyms in New York City and nothing compares to H.A.F!" ~ Max Harris

"It's not just the gym, but its also the cleanest place I have been!"~ Bob Wright


"My family and I have been coming up to Sun Valley for the summer and winter for 20 years. Many years ago, I would work out at the Sun Valley Athletic Club (which is now condos down by the movie theaters) and, when our kids were young, we would always join the YMCA. I've been coming to H.A.F. for a few summers now. I always get great work outs at your gym and the view of the mountains in between sets is much better than the view from my gym back home.
This summer, I was able to bring my three boys with me a few times to work out. My gym back home does not allow kids to come and I have to sneak them in to the gym at the high school I work at. To be able to have my boys work out with me, at your gym, while on vacation was magical. It was great family time and I love that they are figuring out that what you do in the gym will help you in the sports that you play. I also love that they realize that even though we're on vacation, working out is still part of our daily life."
Thanks for a great two weeks and we'll see you next summer.
Take care,
Simon Raines


"A calamity incinerated my already failing health very rapidly near the late summer of 2007.  At a 119 lb. and 5'11" catabolism, a resurgence of health was a dire need and not some luxury. After nearly 10 years and after having lived through an internal hellfire, it's astonishing to think how integral High Altitude Fitness in Ketchum, ID has been in a highly protracted process of convalescence. The first times these feet stepped onto the black mats they found a genuine training facility with a lively character and with an unusually imaginative side. But what compels close to a decade of loyalty?  Across years and through thousands of devoted hours, it has emerged as an unassuming, generous, and unrepeated place to just get it done right." ~ Johnny Mick


"Thank You for Doing it Right!

 Just wanted to send thanks to you and your staff for building and running such a great facility. I dropped in to work out on Saturday evening, and Brittany was both hospitable and professional. I was very impressed with your gym in terms of space, equipment selection, and atmosphere (AND the number and cleanliness of restrooms and changing areas.) Having travelled a good bit this winter, I've worked out in too many that are simply not what I'm after. If I had the option, I'd train in your facility every time I travelled. Keep doing what you're doing. You can count on me being back next time I'm in the area. Thanks again and have a fantastic week. "



Thanks to you and all the staff (Rob & Janice) for putting together an establishment as well equipped and friendly as H.A.F. I have traveled across the entire USA and large amounts of the rest of the world and I am comfortable saying that your facility is world class. I can’t tell you enough how rare it is to find a place where strength is appreciated. Many Thanks!"


 "There is no gym like this in the country!"


 "HAF reminds me of my high school gym…straight raw, the way a gym should be!"


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