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What is happening at 5:30 am Monday-Friday at H.A.F.? Kevin Mora, founder, creator, owner of THE top gym in the valley is engaged in his morning workout.

You can now join him on your very own time by checking this page 5 days a week for the latest workout. 

WEDNESDAY 01/17/18

Warm up: 7 minutes: continual

- up/ downs: 5 reps

- get ups: 2R/ 2L

- supermans: 5R/ 5L

Work: Back:/ Biceps: 4 sets/ 8 reps of each exercise (med/ heavy weight)

- seated dumbbell bent row

- barbell curl

Work: Back/ Biceps: 4 sets/ 12 reps of each exercise (med weight)

- lat pull down (med width grip/ neutral grip)

- seated dumbbell curl

Work: Back/ Forearms/ Traps: 3 sets/ 20 reps of each exercise (light weight)

- kneeling straight arm lat pull down (wide grip)

- cable reverse curl

- dumbbell shrug

Work: Abs: 3 sets/ 20 reps

- ab wheel

Work: Abs: 3 sets/ 10 reps

- roll up: 10R/ 10L


TUESDAY 01/16/2018:

Warm up: Repeat 5X

- push up w/ pause at bottom: 10 reps

- kettle circle clean: 5R/ 5L 

Work: Barbell Chest press: 

- flat or incline. Use same weight as last week. 

- complete 6 reps every minute for 10 minutes. Remaining time of minute is recovery.

Work: 4 sets/ 12 reps of each exercise. 

- incline dumbbell chest press

- cable rear delt raise: R/ L

- tricep push down (underhand grip): R/ L

MONDAY 01/15/2018:

Warm up: 10 minutes continuous

- 150 row/ ski erg OR 1/10 run

- kettle double clean: 10 reps

Work: 15 minutes: 10 rounds: perform required reps every 1.5 minutes. Remaining time of 1.5 is recovery.

- deadlift: 5 reps: Use approximately 60% of last weeks poundage

- body weight squat: 7 reps

- 2 hand kettle swing (face level): 9 reps

Work: 7.5 minutes: 15 rounds: perform required reps every 30 seconds. Remaining time of 30 seconds n recovery. 

- barbell power clean: 3 reps



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