High Altitude Fitness

Where the locals train

High performance fitness, training and gym for Ketchum, Sun Valley, the Wood River Valley and beyond. Where the locals train.


  • Eco-friendly LED lighting
  • 30 more Versa-Loop bands of all tensions
  • 2 more Pilates rings
  • 2 Slack blocks
  • New Core Flyte Pro for the Abdominals
  • Brand new squat rack

H.A.F. now has 4 squat racks outside "Sun's OUT Gun's OUT"!

5 indoor squat racks with a total of 9 squat racks! 

What's to come summer of 2018:

Let's keep motivated by a little competition. Proudly show your accomplished max lift on our brand new 9-foot chalk board.

The use of the H.A.F. circuit room will be expanded to the max! Over 30 feet of mounted steel bars and ladder for twice as many TRX and so much more! H.A.F. will soon have a training playground indoors and out! More pull up bars will be available in our downstairs strength training gym.


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